“love captured as art”

© 2018 Roo Maurice Artist

The first stage is to choose a photo or selection of photos. If your photos have been taken by a professional photographer I will require written permission before I can work from them. 


My message to my clients always is "the better the photo, the better the portrait" it is so important to choose the right photo with no blur, clear features such as eyes and nose and fur detail. Decent day light and no flash as this can cause green eyes and distorts the colour.

I offer a selection of different pastelmat paper sizes, my Pawtraits are completed in the highest quality pastels. If you would like full length, multiple pets in your portrait or/and a background detail this is all available available as additional extras. All Pawtraits come professionally double mounted.


Once you have your photos together and have decided upon the type of pawtrait you would like, please contact me with your requirements and attach your photos in the email. Please also mention if you have any specific deadlines such as a birthday or anniversary. Please note, I usually have a waiting list but I will confirm the approximate time scale upon your enquiry and I will always try my best to juggle my schedule to fit in a special occasion. If I feel the deadline is too close then I can supply a gift wrapped gift voucher for you to present on the special day with the Pawtrait to follow.

Once I have seen your photographs and we have discussed your pawtrait, you are ready to place your order. If my waiting list is more than two months long then I ask you to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your slot in my client waiting list. 50% of the remaining balance is due 1 week before I commence your pawtrait and I will email you a month before to give you notice that I will be ready to start work on your pawtrait soon. The remaining balance is due on completion and full satisfaction of your pawtrait, I will then send your pawtrait off to be professionally mounted. Payments can be made online by bank transfer or credit/debit card of which a secure link is emailed with your balance invoice.


Once I start working on your pawtrait I will send you emails where will be able to see your pawtrait progress throughout it's stages. I will also post updates on my Facebook Page and Instagram unless you would prefer me not to in case it spoils a surprise gift.


Upon completion of your pawtrait I will email you images for your approval. Upon full satisfaction of the finished pawtrait you will be invoiced for the final balance. Once paid, your pawtrait will then sent for mounting (professional double mount included free) and shipped out to you via 24-hour courier (UK) or by International Courier for my Worldwide clients. (Postage prices on quotation at time of booking) 


You may order prints of your pawtrait or have it put on many of the items within my shop such as mini framed pictures, t-towels, key rings, pillows, t shirts etc, these can make great gifts for other family members or to display the pawtrait at work or home abroad.